Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fried Oreos!!

While in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for our summer vacation I had fried Oreos for the first time!

They were so good that I decided to try and make them at home.

So I bought this funnel cake batter

dipped the oreos in the batter and fried them in some canola oil

sprinkled with some powdered sugar

and viola!! 

I'm telling you, these are amazing! I used reduced fat oreos so I'm sure they were very low calorie and heart healthy too!! 

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  1. Oh my. Fried Oreos!!! I'm going to have to try some of those! Also, the Smokey Mountains are just beautiful. We used to go a lot when I was kid, but I haven't been in years. It's definitely a place I look forward to taking my daughter.

  2. Okay.... first you teach me how to make cake in the microwave, now your showing me how to make my own deep friend oreo's?

    You are going to give me thunder thighs!

    But... I love it. hahaha.. Keep up the great recipes! :)